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Lonnie Bailey
21-Aug-2005, 16:00
This is a beginner's question. I got one of these lenses and I notice that most people discuss this as a Soft Focus lens. However, my lens is not marked as Soft Focus? Are all of these soft (or variable) focus or are there some of these lenses that are not. Thanks ahead of time for any help.

John Kasaian
21-Aug-2005, 17:08
The series II Wollys that I have are good honest tessars and are good values. Great lenses for someone on a budget. Its not the lens, but what you do with it anyway, right???


Mark Sawyer
21-Aug-2005, 17:54
Lonnie- The Series II Velostigmats come with or without the soft focus adjustment, which is made by rotating the front element. I have a Series II 9.5" that has the soft focus option, and a Series II 12" that does not. As John says, these are very good lenses, especially for the low prices they seem to fetch.

Jim Rhoades
21-Aug-2005, 18:14
Okay, here's my 2 cents on Wollensak. I have a series II 7.5" f/4.5 and a Series Ia 13" f/6.8 triple convertible. You would have to pry them from my cold dead fingers. Great lens, great price. I wish I had a 12" soft focus. It would have a thingy on the front. (Thingy) advanced photographic technical term.

Jon Shiu
21-Aug-2005, 19:34
Hi, look around the edge of the front element and it will have the numbers 0 through 5 to adjust the softness when you unscrew it.

25-Aug-2012, 08:58
Just FYI: there is also an enlarging version of the Velostigmat. I received one when I acquired an M700 Durst enlarger: 3.5 inch FL, f/4.5-32.

Mark Sawyer
25-Aug-2012, 12:03
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