View Full Version : GG manufacturers update and Intrepid users feedback

G Benaim
23-Mar-2018, 08:27
Hello everyone,

I've been away from the forums a while, and was curious who the current gg makers are. Last time a bought a gg it was from Dave Parker's SAtin Snow, is there an equivalent maker now? Also, I've been looking at the Intrepid 810 and was curious if any of you have actually used one and what your impressions are generally and especially at full bellows extension. Thanks much,


Louis Pacilla
23-Mar-2018, 08:32
You can check Barry out. Here is a link to his new product.http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?144632-Ground-Glass-focusing-screens-including-custom-sizes-from-Young-Camera-Company

23-Mar-2018, 13:11
Steve Hopf was making gg, but no clue if he still is because his website is gone. Just got my Intrepid 8x10, yesterday evening, and the view on the gg is a good as any other standard type gg. Don't know how well it will be in actual field use, but I will know a lot more in the coming weeks and months. My initial impression is that it will work admirably for what I intended; a lightweight 8x10 for backpacking.

G Benaim
23-Mar-2018, 16:28
Hi Alan, I'd be curious how it behaves racked out to max extension w a big lens on one end? Also, how do the movement knobs and focus feel? Thanks.

23-Mar-2018, 16:45
I just got a couple of 8"x10"s from Steve Hopf a couple of weeks ago and I'm very happy with them. The borosilicate glass is the brightest I've ever seen.

24-Mar-2018, 09:17
@G Benaim, Honestly, I wonder how heavy a lens the Intrepid 8x10 can hold... That said, the longest lens I would even consider using on this camera is the 450mm Fuji C which I don't own so I can't provide any opinion here. Regarding lenses in general, since I knew this was going to be a flyweight camera I went with small, lightweight lenses for it; Fuji 240A and 360A. All movements and focus with this camera are what I would expect at this price point--not as smooth as an Ebony, but certainly workable. IMO, anyone considering this camera needs to understand what they're buying and needs to seriously consider what it's intended for in their work. I bought it because at my age lugging a full backpack with a heavy 8x10 camera, heavy lenses, and all the paraphernalia that goes along with working in the field was getting to be too much for me; couldn't carry everything as far as I used to 30 years ago! ;) For me, the Intrepid will allow me to continue using the 8x10 format (my favorite format, btw) in the manner I'd like to.

G Benaim
25-Mar-2018, 20:00
For some reason the shipping for a gg from the us is a ridiculously expensive 70$! So I was wondering if anyone can recommend a European or Asian seller you've used. Have any of you bought from photofinder or vigisst on ebay, for instance? Thanks.