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23-Mar-2018, 04:39
hey guys!
A Jobo licensed service told me that its not good to use the 8x10 Expert Drum on the CPA2/CPP2
and that the only Jobo Drum that works with CPA2/CPP2 is 3006... i should forget about 3010 or 3005...
they didn't say why..

anyone has any experience?

23-Mar-2018, 04:57
yes. I've burned one up.
The older motors can't handle turning the big drums full of chemicals. Don't use more chemicals than necessary and you should be okay if you have a newer model. I don't know the serial numbers but a search will turn it up.

Oren Grad
23-Mar-2018, 07:58
Here's the official word on the CPA2/CPP2 motors, from Jobo Bulletin B019:

Beginning production of the CPP and CPA began with a single bearing rotation motor.

CPP Serial # ARXXXX - 10593

CPA Serial # ARXXXX - 10312

1st Upgrade: Changed single bearing rotation motor to a double bearing rotation motor.

CPP Serial # 10594 - 20455

CPA Serial # 10313 - 13309

2nd Upgrade: Strengthened the rotation motor circuit to accommodate larger loads, i.e. 3000 Drums.

CPP Serial # 20456 - 21999

CPA Serial # 13310 - 21999

3rd Upgrade: Changed to a stronger rotation motor (same as used in the ATL's) and strengthened the rotation motor circuit to accommodate the stronger motor.

CPP Serial # 22000 - present

CPA Serial # 22000 - present

23-Mar-2018, 08:04
I'd have to check the serial number on my CPP-2 (I suspect it's one of the older weak motor types, since I bought it in the mid-90's), but I've been running the 8x10 drum on mine without issue since purchase. I've never loaded it down with chemistry, though.

23-Mar-2018, 08:20
My serial is CPA2 15351... where does this leave me? All Expert drums?

23-Mar-2018, 13:12
My serial is CPA2 15351... where does this leave me? All Expert drums?

Run it until it dies

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23-Mar-2018, 13:17
Based on serial number, it looks like mine falls into the 3rd Upgrade category; so, maybe, that's why I've never had any problems with the motor/circuitry.