View Full Version : types of Dagor formula lenses?

22-Mar-2018, 16:45
Does anyone know of a post or site that lists/compares the different generations of Dagor formula lenses? Off the top of my head I can list Goertz Double Anastigmat, Dagor, Gold Dot (+ Gold rim?) Dagor, and (Swiss?) Kern Dagor. Also some early G-Clarons, Blue Dot Trigors?, and Schneider Dagors.

22-Mar-2018, 16:47
The early Schneider Symmars were dagors, too.

Dan Fromm
22-Mar-2018, 18:08
If you want to read it, write it. So far you've listed Goerz and successors' lenses and one Schneider.

Before WW-I many makers made 6/2 double anastigmats, all close relatives of Goerz' Dagor. If you don't have a copy of A Lens Collector's Vade Mecum buy one and search for Q9, the VM's abbreviation for dagor type. Directions for finding someone who sells the VM are in the list.

Berthiot made a number of dagor types, so did Boyer. The list points to articles on both. References in the Berthiot article will help you find other manufacturers who made dagor types. At least one of the references, to Fabre's Traité encyclopédique de photographie, is in the list.

If you concentrate on Goerz and successors' dagor types you'll miss many interesting opportunities.