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Richard Boulware
21-Aug-2005, 13:30
My good friend John Cook has been so kind to mention the beauty of fall in New England, so I thought I would mention the timing of the turning of the Aspen, in Colorado.

Having lived/worked here in 'God's Country' for 35 years, I thought I would pass along some general timing information that might be useful to those wanting a sense of when to come to CO.

Generally, the turning of the Aspen happens around the THIRD weekend of September but will vary by location, altitude, and climate conditions.. Most TV stations here in Denver will have sporatic reports on when, where the Aspen are turning, giving weekend travelers good information for viewing.

Unlike New England, the turning of the Aspen happens with less duration of the full color. By that I mean that in New England and the Mid West, the beautiful color will last a few or more weeks at peak color saturation. This is generally not true in Colorado. Our Aspen will begin to turn and a week in advance, you might predict the timing of the golden peak of the turning. The Aspen will hold at their peak for two or three days and then it is downhill from there.

If I can assist any of my friends on this board to fine-tuning their trips to our high country, please let me know and I will be happy to help you with the location and timing...of the turning of the golden Aspen....which is a sight to see.

Richard Boulware - Denver.

21-Aug-2005, 13:57
Thanks. It's always nice to have eyes on the scene.

brian reed
21-Aug-2005, 14:16
Hey Richard,

I'm planning a trip to Rocky Mountain National Park in Sept. 10-17th. Any tips on locations that you may know I would greatly appreciate. I don't plan any big hikes, not with 4x5 equipment, but short hikes. Do you think aspens will be turning at this time?

take care BR

John Berry ( Roadkill )
21-Aug-2005, 15:54
Richard, Would like to know what's in the gallerys there. I'll be in Denver the week of the 17th Oct. I got a first place in a national competition for Traditional B&W. I get a free trip to the Natl exhibit. Like to meet you while I'm there. They have a full scheduele planned, I do hope to get in some shooting though. John

Frank Petronio
21-Aug-2005, 17:53
I was lucky enough to be on an architectural job in Aspen in late September a couple of years ago. It was spectacular, and gives a good New England fall a run for its money...

Richard Boulware
21-Aug-2005, 18:14
For Brian and John....Email me direct and I'll help you if I can. Let's save bandwidth. Same thing for others. My return ( new) email is now correct for this site. Regards, Richard. www.boulwareden@msn.com.

Raymond Bleesz
22-Aug-2005, 08:18
Colorado fans--------right here in the Vail Valley, outside my place of business & gallery in Edwards, three aspen trees have turned yellow within view, a early indication of what's to come. Rather early I might say.

Temps are dropping am & pm,------- there is word that a light frost has appeared in Minturn (approx. 8000 feet) & I'm sure up higher, a dusting might have taken place. The surrounding mountainsides are turning "brown" & "rust" colored. There is a heavy due every morning.

Today is a F64 day, blue skys, with perhaps a passing shower in the afternoon which is typical.

If, like Richard, I can help, ask.

If your interested in this particular Vail Valley, our local paper/site may be of interest.


Ed Pierce
23-Aug-2005, 05:40
I'll keep a lookout for you guys - I'll be at the Sexton workshop at Anderson Ranch (near Aspen) 9/10-9/24.


Scott Bacon
23-Aug-2005, 14:25
The Colorado Nature Photographers fourm (http://www.naturephotographers.net/imagecritique/bbs.cgi?a=vf10) is also an excellent source of information for the Colorado fall season.