View Full Version : need info on 5x7 Speed Graphic

Tad Patrick
6-Mar-1998, 19:42
Hello, I've recently run across a 5x7 Speed Graphic for sale. I've yet to see one in pe rson. I'm familiar with the 4x5 Crown and Speeds but don't know much about the 5 x7. Is it just like the 4x5's but just scaled up in size? Movements same? How ab out compactness compared to a "field" 5x7? What would be a fair purchase price?

Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!

Darron Spohn
9-Mar-1998, 13:16
Check out http://www.graflex.org. According to the chart I found there, 5x7 Graf lex did not manufacture any 5x7 cameras after WWII. It is listed as a 5x7 Speed Graphic, so I assume it would be similar. I couldn't find any pricing informatio n but searching through the dealer's links may turn up something. Good luck.

John Lehman
30-Mar-1998, 18:02
the 5x7 is a "pre-anniversary" model; it has no movements except front rise. It came with either a spring-back ("graphic") or a graflex back. The latter requires special holders, since it has grooves where a standard holder has ridges, and vice versa. Shutterbug prices are in the $3-400 range; they show up about twice a year.