View Full Version : Will Epson 4900 print on inside surface of roll paper

21-Mar-2018, 11:56
Can anyone forsee problems if I print on the inside surface of a roll of paper. It will spin the other way on the spindle, is that a problem?

Gary Beasley
21-Mar-2018, 13:52
Depends on which side has the coating. The back of the sheet is not made to recieve ink and will likely bead up unless the roll is wound backwards with the coating on the inside.

21-Mar-2018, 17:26
I know the inside of this material prints OK.
My main concern is that the 4900 has a gear on the spindle, will it try to rotate the paper in the opposite direction?

Gary Beasley
21-Mar-2018, 19:20
If it turns the wrong way, swap ends on the roll on the stand. Will that work?