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18-Mar-2018, 13:01
I am an amateur photographer and new to large format photography, having just purchased a 4 x 5 camera. I have three lenses 90 mm Rodenstock, 150 mm Rodenstock, and 210mm. Of course, each lens has a different diameter. I am interested in buying filters for my lenses. However since each lens is a different size, I do not want to end up with 3 red filters, 3 yellow filters, etc. Is there a universal adapter that will fit the various lens sizes? The Lee Filter system looks interesting with the square slide-in filter system being really appealing, but I dont see a universal adapter (but I may have just overlooked it). Any help is much appreciated.

Thank you.

18-Mar-2018, 14:35
All you need is step-up rings for the lenses to whatever the largest size filter is. It depends on what model your lenses are but likely it is either 67, 77, or 82mm filters. These step-up rings are available on eBay for a couple dollars apiece.

Graham Patterson
18-Mar-2018, 14:37
I mostly use screw in filters, so I have stepping rings to bring most of my lenses up to the largest (77mm for my 90mm f5.6). The Cokin (and presumably the Lee, but I have no direct experience there) series holders use a screw in ring that fits inside the holder - basically an adapter. You can either have mounting rings for all the lens filter sizes, or just use one with the aforementioned stepping rings. So I have standardized on 77mm filters and use stepping rings as needed. Just make sure when buying stepping rings that you check that the ring is stepping the right way 8-)

20-Mar-2018, 11:45
Nikon used to sell a "Universal Lens Adapter" that would fit any size lens but discontinued it a few years back. It was expensive - like a couple of hundred dollars - and B&H had a clearance sale on them for very little money.


Joe O'Hara
20-Mar-2018, 13:04
Another alternative is Lee filters (see B&H). There are "adapter" (in effect, step-up) rings that a lens shade with integral filter slots
clips onto. Filters themselves are 100 mm square. A plus is if you also use an MF camera (e.g. Pentax 67) you may well be able to
use some of the adapter rings, and all of the filters, with that as well.

The disadvantage is that these bits and pieces are not inexpensive, purchased new....

23-Mar-2018, 08:07
As Corran says, buy some steep up rings and use real glass filters. If you have a 90mm rodenstock, can be 82 or 67 mm, depending on which version you have. Id pick larger size filters (86 or 72 mm) to avoid any vigneting.