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Jeff Liao
6-Dec-1999, 06:21
hi, where can i find lab balance and chemical in New york city? chemicals - metol, sodiumthiosulfate (D-23)


Nze christian
6-Dec-1999, 08:34
hello try Artcraft Chemicals Inc.

P.O. Box 583 Schenectady, NY 12301 1-800-682-1730 or 1-518-355-8700 Fax 518-355-8700

they also have a web page http://www.nfinity.com/~mdmuir/artcraft.html

and good developing

richard in seattle
6-Dec-1999, 12:00
Jeff Another place you may enjoy looking is www.photoformulary.com It's a mail order company that specializes in photografic chemicals. They sell a wide variety of chemicals that are common and chemicals that are hard to find. Hope this helps