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16-Mar-2018, 20:05
I have a Syncro Compur shutter which offers both "M" and "X" sync. ON "M" the shutter cocks and fires properly, but when I switch the mode lever to "X" I can cock the shutter, but it will not fire. There isn't so much as a hint of movement in the shutter release lever.

I've gone through several threads here, and elsewhere on the Web, but I haven't found anything quite like this. I want to use this lens/shutter with modern flash, and I'm hoping someone here can assist. Am I doing something in the wrong sequence? These shutters aren't that complex, but any help would be welcomed.

17-Mar-2018, 12:33
I have had several Synchro Compur shutters...you're not doing anything wrong. It should fire the same way on X or M sync.
I hate to say it, but it probably needs service. Mr. Hama in Atlanta has done good work for me, but I don't know where you live. Those guys are getting harder to find!

18-Mar-2018, 07:53
Is this something I can look into myself? I have noticed that when set to "X" sync and the shutter is cocked, just barely touching the sync mode switch will trip the shutter.

18-Mar-2018, 14:03
If you are using a Synchro Compur and it has not been CLA'ed recently, send it out... There is a tight tolerance on all the parts inside, and everything has to be perfect to work correctly under all conditions... (They are VERY fussy!!!)

No, don't take it apart yourself, as they are tricky to get back together correctly (even for techs)...

But well worth it once they are serviced correctly and good shutters!!!

Steve K

18-Mar-2018, 14:15
Set shutter speed first. Next set to X sync. Cock the shutter, then fire. Any better? (probably not but it does narrow down the problem)

18-Mar-2018, 17:54
Jace, no change in behavior. Just touching the sync mode lever still trips the shutter, but the shutter release itself does not.