View Full Version : Help ID this LF camera

15-Mar-2018, 13:28
Hey can you help me id this camera ? its 18x24cm camera. thanks

Andrew Plume
15-Mar-2018, 14:35
Looks like a Calumet................

and the dog, an 'Airedale' maybe



Louis Pacilla
15-Mar-2018, 14:43
No true answer here but it looks to me to be Italian/European made and while it has the Calumet green monster look I don't think it a US product. It looks to be from around 1950-60's era & closer to 60's then 50's. By the looks of it is not a field cameraand does not collapses like the Calumet GM does but instead is a dual rail studio camera. The stand, rails and body all look to go together and it sure looks over built, so if the stand is strong enough to not cantilever when raised high it should be a solid outfit able to make use of heavy optics like the lens mounted in the photo but it's NOT going to be a light weight affair. Because of the unusual nature of the camera unless you live in the Country of origin (and even then) finding ANY extras will be darn near impossible so if your buying it make sure you get EVERYTHING that goes along w/ it. You will also have to live with the rail length as it from the looks of it does not break down into smaller section or appear to have the ability to add extra standards/bellows and rail sections for macro photography or very long focal length lenses to be able to focus at close up distances.

Mark Sampson
15-Mar-2018, 14:59
It might be an Italian-made Fatif. They offered a comprehensive monorail camera in the USA c.1990- yours looks something like a predecessor model to that one.

Steven Tribe
15-Mar-2018, 16:37
fatif green colour, at least! This has a 42cm lens, I think!

17-Mar-2018, 11:13
Hello, thanks for the answers. In the end i found out it is Czech camera "delba prague" was said by the seller. i did not find any info so it must have been just few pieces made.