View Full Version : HP5+ in HC-110: Is 5 min too short?

Peter Collins
15-Mar-2018, 10:20
Folks, I see that, for EI 400/27, Ilford states 5 min for HP5+ in dilution B of HC-110. Ditto "Massive Dev Chart" of Digitaltruth Photo Ltd.

About to start some tests, including rating the film at EI 250/25, but I am concerned that 5 min is too short, i.e., resulting in uneven development--using agitation constant for 60 sec, then ~10 sec each 30 sec thereafter.

I am using a SP-445 tank, max 4 negs per cycle, approx 475 ml solution (the tank's capacity).

Experience? Opinions?


Mark Sampson
15-Mar-2018, 11:06
For the sake of even development, I'd choose a higher dilution, which would then require a longer development time. I haven't used HC-110 in maybe 25 years, so can't give you any recommendations. But someone here will have an idea- remember some testing will be necessary.

15-Mar-2018, 11:08
I would use a different dilution with a longer developing time but that’s just me so please be sure to let us know what you figure out. I get nervous when my developing time is less than 7 min!

15-Mar-2018, 11:41
I've been happy with dil. H rated at about 250 like you, with maybe a slight pull in time (10 minutes instead of the recommended 11 I think it is). Contact printing an 8x20 negative with that time/dilution looked great.

Pali K
15-Mar-2018, 12:22

I have settled on HC-110 B for HP5 at 5M 15Sec but please note that I use a JOBO CPP2 at the same exact temperature and agitation.


15-Mar-2018, 18:37
I think 5 minutes is the shortest amount of time I'd allow for film development.
You can add a pre-soak to ensure more even development, and you could also try a different dilution for a longer development time, just to see.

Doremus Scudder
16-Mar-2018, 03:09
Development unevenness can be minimized by immersing the film quickly and agitating right away. A pre-soak helps too, in my experience.

And, I have used HC-110 at five minutes with sheet film with fine results. That said, I found that more diluted HC-110 and longer times worked better for expansions with some films (T-Max). I simply diluted 1+63 (not sure what that dilution is called; it's not an "official" Kodak dilution) and doubled my time for starters. You could do the same: 10 minutes in HC-110 diluted 1+63. Just make sure you have enough concentrate to develop the amount of film you have.