View Full Version : Epson printer repair SF Bay Area?

Bill Poole
13-Mar-2018, 13:22
I am having the dreading photo-black-streaking problem with my Epson 3880. If anyone can recommend a Bay Area repair center, I would be appreciative. Thanks.

Peter Langham
14-Mar-2018, 12:03
Hi Bill,
Don't know the name of it, but have heard there is good Epson repair in Sacramento.

14-Mar-2018, 12:33
Here (https://epson.com/servicelocator?productCode=SPT_CA61201-VM) is a link to authorized service centers for the 3880. Just enter your zip code. Be sure and call to discuss your issue before driving anywhere.

Honestly, I think Epson would rather sell you a new printer. If you back out the cost of of a full set of inks which come with the printer, the cost of the printer alone is pretty inexpensive. Unfortunately, no new 3880s are available. I thought about getting a second 3880 for Piezography. I found one that had a clogged black nozzle. I contacted Epson and they referred me to two small time computer shops 100+ miles away in either direction. I called the shops and they said the minimum charge would be two hours at $100/hour, plus a new PK cartridge ($60 at B&H). They said they couldn't guarantee they could solve the problem in two hours, and that a new print head might be required. I gave up on the idea. Maybe I can find a 3880 that works, but I have been looking for a while with no luck. One alternative is to get a P800 for my color work, which I do much less of than B&W and digital negatives, and use my existing 3880 for Piezography.

I saw a couple of 3880s on Craigslist in the SF area in the $300 range as an alternative.

Perhaps you will have a better experience. Good luck.

Gary Beasley
14-Mar-2018, 14:01
Have you tried the windex on a paper towel on the parking pad routine? It may just be accumilated crud.

15-Mar-2018, 03:37
Have you tried setting the platen gap to "widest" ? My 3880 has also developed the black streak issue, and I have been able to limp along with the platen gap set to widest - works ~ 9 times out of ten.

You need to set this from the printer control panel every time you fire up the printer (or perhaps change all your paper settings to use widest via the software?)

No guarantees, and not a real fix, but it costs nothing to try.


Bill Poole
15-Mar-2018, 07:34
Helpful information, all. Yes, I cleaned the parking pads--didn't seem to help. I don't print much--which could be part of the problem. For the moment, I switched over to Matt Black, which seems to be working OK for the moment. But I do miss my Canson Baryta Photographique. Thanks again.


Joshua Dunn
15-Mar-2018, 10:54
Printer technology has changed a lot since the 3880 was new, even though it was only discontinued in 2015. You might want to consider replacing it if the cost to fix it is high, which will more than likely be the case. I am not trying to start a Canon vs Epson debate. That said I have used both manufactures a lot and decided to go with Canon for mostly functional and cost reasons. The Pro-1000 is a 17" printer that is on rebate right now and is a far better printer than what you are currently using. So if you can't fix the 3880 really cheap I would shop for a new printer.


Bill Poole
15-Mar-2018, 16:15
Thanks, Joshua. Well, I cleaned the pads again, cycled back to photo black, ran a clean and check, and the black steaks are gone. The Epson gods are kind--at least for now.