View Full Version : Wollensack 11.5 inch Verito Diffused Focus

Henry Ambrose
19-Aug-2005, 12:47
I've searched the archives and found some comments on the Veritos. What I have not found is information on coverage of the 11.5 inch f4. This lens is huge! I wonder just how big is the image circle? Which formats will it cover? I just came into posession of a pretty nice one and I wonder what I can do with it.

David A. Goldfarb
19-Aug-2005, 13:13
I use it on 4x5" but I think it should cover 5x7" with no problem, and for a fairly tight portrait 8x10". If you hunt around I posted a picture a while ago of the great job they did at S. K. Grimes mounting this lens on a Technika board.

Jim Galli
19-Aug-2005, 14:15
Here's a page at Seth Broder's excellent web site from an original 1919 catalog. It says the 11 1/2 would cover 6.5X8.5.

Henry Ambrose
20-Aug-2005, 08:23
Thanks guys!

Broder's site is sure interesting. <a href=http://www.cameraeccentric.com/ >Lots of cool old stuff there.<a/>

Scott Davis
7-Jan-2011, 14:06
Hate to revive an otherwise dead thread, but does anyone know if the 8 3/4" Verito will fully illuminate whole plate (6.5 x 8.5). I don't mind if it gets all smooshy in the corners, and even the edges... I would think it would fully illuminate at close portrait distances, but would it work at full-length or near-infinity?

Jan Pedersen
7-Jan-2011, 18:25
Scott, the 8 3/4" will fully illuminate 8x10 so you will be fine on whole plate.

Jim Graves
7-Jan-2011, 21:30
Here's two links ... one to a data base on lenses which lists coverage on a ton of lenses and gives a source for the information listed and another to Camera Eccentric's catalog collection.

The data base lists the 8.75" Verito as covering 5x7 wide open but does not indicate coverage stopped down (click on the "Soft Focus" section for the Verito and scroll down to Wollensak lenses.)

The Wollensak catalogs also recommend the 8.75" Verito for 5x7 and the 11.5" Verito for whole plate and the 14.5" Verito for 8x10.

All that being said, Jan is correct ... the 8.75" Verito does illuminate all the corners of an 8x10 ... I just put mine on one and checked it ... there is some fall off in the corners but not all that much ... I was really surprised ... Thanks Jan!

Link to Lens Data Base (http://www.allenrumme.com/lensdb/DBIntro-1.html) ... and ... Link to Camera Eccentrics "Information" page (http://www.cameraeccentric.com/info.html)

William Whitaker
7-Jan-2011, 21:47
What Jan said. You should have no problem illuminating the 6 1/2 x 8 1/2 frame with an 8 3/4" Verito. But if you don't stop down some, it'll be "smooshy" all over. ;)

Mark Sawyer
7-Jan-2011, 22:25
And a quick reminder that Veritos are convertible; pull the front element off an 8.75" and you get a 14" that will likely cover 11x14" and then some.

Scott Davis
8-Jan-2011, 05:53
Thanks guys-

would the same be true of a 240mm Heliar?