View Full Version : Camera ID request - 8x10

12-Mar-2018, 19:27
This mystery camera was included with another item I recently purchased. It's been painted over a bit. Can someone help me identify the model?

175868 175869 175870 175871

12-Mar-2018, 19:29
A few more. Some interesting 5x7 sliding backs.

175872 175873 175874 175875

12-Mar-2018, 19:30
It also had an equally ugly Wollensak Velostigmat 12" 4.5 with the soft focus adjustment.


Roger Thoms
12-Mar-2018, 20:35
Looks pretty similar to this Folmer & Schwing Home Portrait No. 1. http://www.piercevaubel.com/cam/ekc/fshome1.htm


Mark Sampson
12-Mar-2018, 22:12
No idea about this one, but Keith used to make specialized long-roll portrait and ID cameras. This is obviously of an older generation than the ones I saw c.1980. The lens and shutter are pre-WWII. I had that lens once, but never tried the soft-focus. It was a good performer (on 8x10) in front light, but flare made it useless in backlight.

12-Mar-2018, 22:26
It's a Leaverite, as in when you find one, "Leave 'er right" there.

13-Mar-2018, 09:31
Thanks for the link Roger. Pretty close. After poking around on the same site it looks like it's actually a Folmer & Schwing Commercial 8x10: http://piercevaubel.com/cam/ekc/fscom.htm

Jac - I normally would have left the camera it but it was part of a lot with one fantastic lens that was underpriced. This camera will be someones future project. Any takers? :)