View Full Version : 11x14 Kodak 2D Lensboards

11-Mar-2018, 20:02
I've been rethinking my approach to lensboards for my 11x14 Kodak 2D. Or more specifically, do I really want to use the massive lenses I have for it (360mm Nikkor and 200mm Grandagon) on my Deardorff V8. I've decided I really don't want the added weight of either of those lenses when packing the 8x10 around. So I'm going to go ahead and use standard lensboards for the Kodak, rather than trying to adapt it to use Sinar boards (which would allow me to use the lenses on both cameras).

Looking on eBay, I see that you can get 5.75 x 5.75" lensboards for the for Kodak Eastman No.1 8x10. They list several other 8x10 cameras, and the 11x14 Improved Seneca View Camera. Can anyone confirm if these will work on the 11x14 Kodak 2D?