View Full Version : Wanted Phillips 11x14 camera or...

Bobby Sandstrom
18-Aug-2005, 14:03

I'm interested in buying a phillips 11x14 camera. Anyone want to sell?

Ted Harris
18-Aug-2005, 15:40

Call Dick Phillips at (989) 835-7897 he often keeps a list of folks who have his cameras for sale.

24-Aug-2005, 11:20
I have a 11x14 Phillips that has not been used. I am going to shoot a small project with it in october and then sell it. If you are still interested by then.

24-Aug-2005, 11:24
I should also have some Kodak Portra color 160nc and 400nc in 11x14 left over too. The Phillips is only 9lbs and much better than Canham or Wisner.