View Full Version : Shen Hao Compendium shade fit for 7x17 & 8x10?

Daniel Grenier
18-Aug-2005, 06:15
I have a Wisner 7x17 and a Wista 8x10 and I'm wondering if the Shen Hao Compendium lens shade can easily fit both cameras? And, how easy is it to switch it back and forth between the two and are there limits to the type of lens used with one of these? (never used one of those before...)


Scott Davis
18-Aug-2005, 10:26
I would think that any standard square compendium shade would give you vignetting issues on 7x17. I think you may run into issues with 8x10 as well, if the shade is designed for a 4x5 camera, as it would be too short for some lenses, and would create vignetting when extended enough to provide adequate shading of the lens front element.

18-Aug-2005, 15:26
I would recommend the Lee wide angle compendium hood/filter holder for panoramic formats like 7X17, 8X20 and 12X20..