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8-Mar-2018, 07:37
Mike Eckman has a nice blog post (http://www.mikeeckman.com/2018/03/introducing-the-packard-ideal-shutter-company/) on the history of the venerable Packard. I have and use three of these wonderful devices pretty regularly.

8-Mar-2018, 07:52
Thanks. I have a couple of synced ones I use in my studio. For studio use, with flash, they're much easier to use than any of the more modern alternatives.

karl french
8-Mar-2018, 07:58
Great. Long live the Packard Shutter! Hopefully we'll see some new No.8 shutters in the future.

William Whitaker
8-Mar-2018, 08:29
That's a very interesting blog. Thank you for sharing it. Best of luck to Jon Gilchrist and the next iteration of Packard Shutter!

And, as Karl notes, perhaps there is hope to see some new No. 8 shutters at some point. Hope you're listening Jon!

And best wishes also to Reno. He's been very helpful in the past when I've needed a specific shutter or part!

8-Mar-2018, 08:48
I subscribe to Mike's blog - he does wonderful in-depth reviews of old cameras (mostly small and medium format) pretty much every week. Never a dull read.

Tin Can
8-Mar-2018, 09:57
Thanks, Randy!

Good news. I have talked to and bought from Reno a few times.

I have 7 working Packards and one that's maybe 5" ID and a slightly different than normal design. Might not be a Packard. It looks like new and won't work. Has an extra leaf. Peter has it right now and last I hear he can't make it work either...It hangs...

I am a big fan of Packard shutters and have adapted them to some odd setups, such as inside a Linhof Kardan with DIY sync.

8-Mar-2018, 10:28
Very interesting. I had no idea of the Packard shutter history in my town, Kalamazoo!

Tin Can
8-Mar-2018, 10:49
Very interesting. I had no idea of the Packard shutter history in my town, Kalamazoo!

We once got a very nice Pug in Kalamazoo. Holiday Golightly was her AKC handle.

A companion to Cosmopolitan Topper, also a Pug. He was so lonely and sad until we got her.