View Full Version : Lens Ideas for 5x7/8x10 Studio Camera

6-Mar-2018, 16:43
I just acquired a Kodak/Century No 7 and am in need of a lens. I currently shoot with a Wollensak lens in Betax no 4 shutter but feel an older brass lens is more "appropriate". I've seen and researched a few heavy hitter lenses but don't want to invest in something over $400. I'd really like to get a Kodak, or Bausch and Lomb made lens but am having trouble locating one at a decent price.

What lens is a good starting place for interior studio still life shots?

6-Mar-2018, 18:19
If cheap ($50-100) is what you want, the old B&L Tessars are certainly that but can work pretty well.

If you're interested in such a lens, I have a 5x8 1c (~240mm focal length) mounted to a Korona 4.5"(?) board with Packard shutter and shade. There is some separation and haze but it shoots nicely and is pretty sharp if you stop down. The aperture has a lot of blades. I've been meaning to list it for sale but, well, too busy. If you're handy you can also play with the front element spacing to roll your own soft focus.

some examples



7-Mar-2018, 13:43
I found one that the seller said was pretty sharp. I'm interested in seeing how sharp it is. I only paid $100 so we shall see.