View Full Version : boyer beryl 180 f6.8 should fit #1 but doesnt??

6-Mar-2018, 04:09
i bought this lens (sn 490101) in black barrel in great condition.
cells threads equally sized, back cell would fit copal 1 but cell thread cannot 'reach' shutter thread, front cell too small in diameter .

is this version not a fit and cant be mounted like dan fromm stated? is my version not modern enough?


Dan Fromm
6-Mar-2018, 06:01
Chris, Boyer published mechanical specifications and made lenses that didn't meet them. My 180/6.8 Beryl's cells meet the specs and are direct fits in a #1 but as you've learned some don't.

I don't think it is a question of age, more likely it is one of the customer for whom the lens was made.

If you want to use the lens, the best option is probably a cup-shaped adapter that will hold it in front of a shutter. If you hang it in front of a small, e.g., #1, shutter vignetting may be a problem because the lens will have to be some distance in front of the shutter. When I went up to 6x12 I had this problem with my 210/7.7 Beryl S, solved it by putting my 210/6.8 Beryl's cells in shutter. The -S' cells won't go in any shutter I'm aware of.

6-Mar-2018, 06:23
hello dan!
thank you for your reply.
in this casre i will return it, as i have quite a few barrel lenses i am not using enough and as i work with 5x7 loosing ic by frontmounting is not an option.