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4-Mar-2018, 08:08
Has anyone had challenges with ULF cameras moving while inserting film holders resulting in loss of focus?
Any good work around or best practice.


4-Mar-2018, 09:06
Not with ULF, but with my 8x10 I never just slam in the holder, using it to push the ground glass back, but always do my best effort to lift the ground glass frame with the other hand, first at the front when the holder starts going in, then at the middle or back end to help it go the rest of the way. The other thing I do, having been burned a couple of times, is put my fingers in at the left to make sure the holder has gone in all the way!

4-Mar-2018, 11:51
Hi Smitty,

Any change in focus indicates the film is not on the same plane as the focus screen.

It's quite unlikely that moving the screen would move the camera body far enough to affect the focus.
Such interaction would require a really wimpy tripod.

- Leigh

Ron Stowell
4-Mar-2018, 12:25
I installed a Bail Back on my 5x7 to solve this problem.
At this time I'm restoring an Ansco 5x7 and I'm looking for another 5x7 Bail back, if anybody should happen to have one they would like to part with.