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Scott Kathe
16-Aug-2005, 12:18
I have at least a dozen sheets of 4x5 to develop tonight and I was wondering what the capacity of D-76 diluted 1:1 is. I guess what I'm asking is how many sheets can I develpe in 500ml of D-76 diluted 1:1? According to some information I got from Kodak's site on D-76 developer diluted 1:1 you can only develop 2 8x10 sheets in a tray per liter, so that works out to 16 sheets per liter. Does that sound right to everyone?



16-Aug-2005, 12:53
Nooooo..... 2 x 4 (there are 4 4x5 in an 8x10) is 8. 500 ml is 1/2 liter, so that would be 4. Basic math. Your next post will probably be "why didn't my film turn out?". Are you really going to develop film with testing your times first? Good luck.

MIke Sherck
16-Aug-2005, 13:19
For what it's worth, I process TMX in trays and rate the capacity of straight D-76 as 16 sheets of 4x5 per quart. It's probably conservative, but I've never had a negative ruined due to developer exhaustion.

Scott Kathe
16-Aug-2005, 13:27
Thanks Leonard,

I made a leap in my calculations and should have mentioned that it was 16 sheets per 1 liter of concentrate or 2 liters of the 1:1 dilution.

I have been using the 'taco method' with 4 4x5 sheets developed in 500 mls of D-76 diluted 1:1 in a Paterson System 4 tank for 11 minutes at 68-70 F with good results. So the capacity I have been using seems to work out perfectly with the guidelines from Kodak.

I have so many films to develop I was thinking about using the tray method which also works well for me and I was trying to figure out how much developer to use economicaly. I guess I haven't been wasting any developer at all.


dan nguyen
16-Aug-2005, 14:18
Combi-plan recommends 36 ozs. (about 1 liter) dilution 1:1 for 6 sheets of 4x5 max. but recommends 4 sheets of 4x5 are better. That's what I do.

Brian Ellis
16-Aug-2005, 16:36
How do you plan to develop them, tray, tank, tubes, Jobo? FWIW, I've used D76 1-1 in BTZS tubes for years. I use one ounce of stock developer (two ounces of working solution) per sheet so for your 12 sheets I'd use 24 ounces of working solution.

Donald Qualls
16-Aug-2005, 17:34
Very simple, really. Kodak recommends 100 ml of D-76 stock solution for each 8x10, which works out as 25 ml per 4x5, at any dilution. That means if you're using the D-76 1+1, you need at least 50 ml of working solution for each 4x5 sheet. If you have a liter already diluted (equivalent to 500 ml stock plus 500 ml water), you should be able to develop up to 10 4x5 sheets in this, though if you don't process them all at once you'll need to adjust times (not recommended) or divide up the working solution.

Any process that uses *more* than this minimum amount of D-76 is fine. Any method that uses *less* is suspect; you may find the developer exhausts prematurely, especially on a particularly dense negative.

5-Sep-2005, 06:09

I use d-76 to develop films, not papers..
Anyway, I'm a bit confused of different infos:
(film developing)
Kodak says: delution 1+0 is recommended, and delution 1+1 for only 1 use and can not be stored
some sites recommends 1+1 or 1+3 delution because of the quantaty.

My questions:
- Can 1+1 be stored for a few months
- Approx. how many leica (135-36) films can be developed in 1+1 d-76?
- What is the developing time for Kodak Academy 200@200 with D-76 1+1?

many thanks:
Marci (from Budapest)

5-Sep-2005, 09:37
sorry for my misunderstand, i thought sheets = to papesrsheets. know i know filmsheets are exists...