View Full Version : Asking for advice where to search second-hand Arca Swiss F-line components

28-Feb-2018, 08:14
Dear forum friends,

Can anyone offer advice about places to search for individual, second-hand Arca Swiss F-line (Discovery) components at reasonable prices? I already posted in the WTB section here but as some of these are uncommon on the used market it may take a while to get a response, and in the meantime I would like to make sure I am not missing any other possibilities. Here I am not asking for offers, I am asking for websites, second hand sellers, etc. which you can recommend which might have a lot of the old Arca stuff.

(Thanks at Oren for giving me the right direction where and how to place this topic.)

Thanks a lot and best regards, Miguel

peter schrager
28-Feb-2018, 09:18
Contact rod klukas

28-Feb-2018, 09:29
Contact rod klukas

Thanks a lot Peter. Just contacted him immediately.

8-Mar-2018, 22:05
What parts are you looking for?