View Full Version : Formulary TF-5 fixer for paper

Mark Sampson
27-Feb-2018, 11:28
I've been using TF-5 fixer for film for the last six months or so; it works well for that.
Now I'm looking to hear anyone's experiences using TF-5 for FB paper.
(My printing darkroom ill be ready by next week, I hope, and am ordering chemistry for it.)

Greg Y
27-Feb-2018, 11:44
I use it for FB paper all the time! Like a charm...no issues & reduced wash times

27-Feb-2018, 15:45
Just remember to test it every 10 sheets or so with a bit of film/leader. It lasts a long time but the tray does seem to oxidize/diminish it faster than tank developing. I also notice more particles in the tray after a printing session so might want to strain it if reusing. I have surpassed the 40 8x10 sheets per liter with no problem.

I toss it after 50 sheets, 3months, or when it takes more than 30seconds to clear a strip of film.

20-Mar-2018, 09:04
That's exactly the combination I'm using for wet prints. No issues at all, fixes very fast compared to Kodafix.
Contrary to other people, I found that TF5 washes of a little more difficult than Kodak fixer. Maybe I just got a bad batch but I want to compare it to Ilford fixer and see how these three compare (Ilford fix, Kodak fixer and TF5).
Mark, what's your experience with TF5 on film? I have to wash the film significantly more after fixing in TF5 (when compared to Kodak fixer).

Drew Wiley
20-Mar-2018, 09:42
I stayed with alkaline TF4 for both film and prints. It washes out very efficiently, and is good at removing residual antihalation dye on film. Just needs a lot of stirring with new bottles.

Mark Sampson
20-Mar-2018, 09:47
Haven't done my proper testing with film. I'm conservative though, 4 min fixing with agitation and a 15 min wash. No hypo-clearing agent step. TF-5 does a great job clearing the pink stain that TMX often has, where KRF had some trouble. I'll see if I can get some HT-2, though, as I am just setting up a printing darkroom and need to establish a proper practice.