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25-Feb-2018, 09:20
Hello All,

Is there a standard size on all 7x17 Folmer Schwing film holders or might they vary in size? The holder that came with my camera measures: 19 3/32 from flap end to outside edge of lock groove with 19 1/4 to the edge of the holder before dark slides. Width of the holder is 9".
I have another holder thicker I think made for glass plates which measures about the same as above but with a narrower width of 8 5/8". There is some side to side slop on that one. It will would not give full exposure to the film in both top and bottom areas at the same time (holder protrudes into film plane).
I am a newbe in ULF but not to large format.

Thoughts? Thanks, Steve

25-Feb-2018, 13:37
The plate holder at 8 5/8 is of the standard size use by US camera makers.

You could add a strip to each side to make the width of the holder to 9 inches.

The other option is to have the back modified to take the more standard size. Makes finding holders easier.

25-Feb-2018, 16:01
Thanks, this information clears things up a bit.
Please check your gmail for a message.

Thanks, Steve