View Full Version : filtration necessary for color printing

Dick Clark
6-Dec-1999, 00:19
This may be a dumb question ... but here goes: To correct for the slight differ ences in color balance of chrome films, filters are often used, e.g., use an 81B to make Provia render more faithful colors. Ditto when the light is excessivel y blue.

If the end result is Ilfocrhome prints, is this really necessary; can't the same result be achieved in the printing process by similar filtration(This assumes y ou will print yourself and the color correction won't be left up to somebody els e's interpretaion)?



Jan erala
7-Dec-1999, 16:18
Yes and no. You can do correction filtrations when printing, but the color correction you've done will be first visible in the highlights. Now, it depends on your own standards how long you can go. Strong and colorful slides bear usually more of corrections than less saturated or highkey pictures. If you already have the right color balance in the slide, you'll end up with a specially delicate and natural colored print.