View Full Version : 5x7 Delta "In Stock" - So Why a Minimum Order?

John Layton
23-Feb-2018, 14:15
Just noticed that B+H says that 5x7 Delta is in stock (100 sheet box), ready to ship.

If this is the case...why the 16 box minimum order requirement? Am I missing something?

Sal Santamaura
23-Feb-2018, 14:28
There have occasionally been errors on the B&H Web site. I suspect that's the case in this instance. It might be the result of HARMAN's temporarily directly supplying its large U.S. dealers after WYNIT went belly up,meaning B&H really does have the product in stock. Or the "in stock" notation could simply be wrong, and the minimum order still applies. Or new distribution arrangements have resulted in the minimum quantity requirement being eliminated and B&H hasn't remembered to remove that from its retail listing.

There's only one way to find out the real answer: ask B&H. I encourage you to do so, and please let us know how they respond.