View Full Version : Phillips Compact 8x10 and wideangle lenses

John Ford
15-Aug-2005, 08:07
Recently got a Phillips Compact II 8x10, and would like to buy a wide angle lens to mount in a sinar board. I have considered the 150 mm Schneider XL which seems like a very nice lens.

My questions are: Will I have to buy a ressesed sinar board for this lens? Furthermore, will the lens be so wide that I get the front part of the camera-bed in my negative?
Moreover, will I be able to shift significantly on infinity?

If there is any users of Phillips cameras (8x10) and 150 wide angle lenses out there - I would appreciate your experience on this matter. Thanks for an inspirering forum!

15-Aug-2005, 09:24
See: http://www.schneideroptics.com/photography/large_format_lenses/super-symmar_xl/chart.htm

It should have all the measurements you require.

tim atherton
15-Aug-2005, 09:42

I've used a 159mm wollensak and a 165mm schneider on mine.

I've not had to use a recessed board. The bellows are fairly compressed, but not completely (Ithink it can take down to a 110mm lens?)

The wollensak doesn't have a lot of movement, but I've had no problem using rise/fall. I've used the shneider with quite a bit of movement, and not had any problems - it's getting a bit tight, but not overly so. Also, I've never got the bed in with either lens (I push the rear rails completley forwards and then chose the right hole for the front standard).

Only problem I've had is forgetting to hook the bellows up with the velcro, so I've got bellows vignetting a couple of times

S. Preston Jones
15-Aug-2005, 16:06
I use a 120mm Nikon on mine. Not much movement but it focuses at infinity. I also use a 158mm on 8x10 and a 150mm with my 5x7 and 4x10 backs. All are used without a recessed board.