View Full Version : wista 4X5 models

ivan shukster
14-Aug-2005, 23:57
I am trying to indentify an older wista 4X5 model but cannot find any sites on the net. Looking for a model that had chrome or silver coloured instead of brass fittings and the front bracket is slanted towards the rear of the camera as opposed to the front as in the DX. Just a site that would have info on older Wistas would be beneficial. Do not have the camera yet but would like to know more about it

Joe Lipka
15-Aug-2005, 05:54
I have a Wista "Field 45" model. One of the first imported (I think) about 1979. No identifying marks other than the label on the front of the bed.

Michael Hewson
15-Aug-2005, 14:46
I have a Wista like Joe's - it just has "Wista 45" on it - and otherwise looks like as you describe it Ivan. But I bought mine second hand - and I have no idea on the date (or other details). Although I cannot compare it (as I have not used any other LF camera) it suits me as a amateur and landscapes - although I'm not sure the adjustments are as precise to use as simialr items.

Michael Hewson
15-Aug-2005, 14:46
Correction - it has "Field 45" on it ...