View Full Version : Cambo SC: shift lubrication

Doug Gregory
14-Aug-2005, 23:37
I acquired a Cambo SC. Front and rear standard shift mechanism wants to be solid. I have tried penetrating oil, which frees the mechanism temporarily, but it locks up again. I could use advice on a remedy. Thanks.

tor kviljo
16-Aug-2005, 02:07
Being all aluminium (I guess), a quite heavy lube is needed to avoid the parts to lock. The penetrating oil (like 556) have weak lube-effact. You will possibly have to dismount the moving part & add (for example) heavy lithium grease or equivalent for permanent smooth movement. Hate to say this, but the best cameras use either nylon bearing-blocks between metal parts (Sinar P/P2) avoiding any metal contact or different metals/hardness (Linhof, Sinar Norma etc.) for ease of movement with no or very little lube. Aluminium to aluminium however, can rapidly grind to a rough surface once left moving with pressure & without lube.

David Karp
17-Aug-2005, 15:16
Call Jose at Calumet in Chicago. He is very helpful. I am sure he will tell you what he would do if the camera was sent in for repair. I have benefitted from his wisdom in the past.