View Full Version : UV compact fluorescent party lights for Kallitypes

16-Feb-2018, 21:26
I read an advert on ebay about compact fluoro uv party lights a while back, I started to wonder about using them in a softbox for lighting subjects in a studio for collodions. You can never get enough light to shorten exposure in a studio setting. At the time I purchased five compact fluoros and filled a softbox with them.
While doing some larger kallitypes with my normal mercury vapour lamp (one of those factory lights I had hanging down over my contact printing frame), I was getting uneven development because of the size of the print in relation to the circular throw of the mercury lamp. I thought about the uv output of my softbox light, and just relocated the softbox to my darkroom. It works, gives me a larger exposure area to do larger prints, more even exposure, but is slightly weaker.