View Full Version : Charleston & Savannah---suggestions of a specific type

Raymond Bleesz
15-Feb-2018, 07:35
I will Google, however, perhaps forum members might suggest---photographic institutions, galleries, photo educational programs, photo individuals et al in these 2 historic cities as I will be spending a few days as a tourist. I am not asking for suggested scenics, historical sites, I am asking for: connecting with photo people of note, photo activity, shows, galleries, institutions.

Will be visiting in April.

Raymond----thank you

Joshua Dunn
15-Mar-2018, 10:28
As far as Savannah the biggest photo community revolves around the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). It's one of the largest art schools in the country (I am a graduate of their MFA in Photography program) and SCAD has their own galleries and museums that are open to the public. I would also check out the Welmont Gallery and the Telfair Museum. I would Google them all to see what exhibitions will be up while you are there. Given the size of the art community there are lots of small galleries and local shops that display artwork as well.

Enjoy Savannah!


Greg Davis
16-Mar-2018, 12:51
If you are a traditional black and white shooter, try to meet up with Craig Stevens at SCAD. If you are more into contemporary, Stephan Shore type work, then Rebecca Nolan would be someone to meet. Look at the SCAD site and look up their work. Lots of different stuff. Zig Jackson is more photojournalistic, and there are several experimental artists in the photo department.