View Full Version : Makers mini engraving on a French (?) Petzval

Steven Tribe
15-Feb-2018, 05:23
Just 3mm in height on the sleeve which was covered with brush applied "sticky" lacquer. At first, I thought it was some kind of wrench mark, but took a primitive macro photo as it was placed exactly underneath the tangential drive.

I read this as L and a C. The base of the L has been angled to avoid messing up the lower half of the C. The star was a popular item as trademwrk identity, so isn't that helpful!

A French solution (bought in France and it looks french in construction/finish) would be Louis Clement - no relation to the other Clements - who was active in the early 20th century and a very minor maker. Does anyone have any other ideas?

Steven Tribe
15-Feb-2018, 08:42
Thanks to another member here, the maker is identified.

The initials are A C, not L C, and it is A.Coiffier Opticien. 174 Palais National, Paris. He is (just!) mentioned in the P et P booklet as making 1/4 plate Petzvals around 1860. There is already a thread here on him here.


My "correspondent" has two of these lens - one has a fully engraved barrel as well as the same mini engraving as I have shown. Lenses are written with the makers name, in true French manner!

Looks like he made lenses quite early on and then entered the magic lantern market later using his previous experience with Petzvals.

Here some photos of the two new Coiffiers.