View Full Version : Technika Boards On 6x9 (110mm) Arca Front Standard

Scott Rosenberg
13-Aug-2005, 18:08
good day...

i have an Arca Swiss F-Line Metric with 171mm front and rear standards. i am trying to shave some weight and bulk from the camera. my first plan was to replace my rear standard with a 141 size metric and replace the front with a 110 size (do they make a 110 metric?). i would then need to replace my 171 bellows with a 141 to 110 bellows. if i go this route, is there any way for me to use my technika boards on the 110 size front standard? replacing 8 lens boards with arca ones will cost me over $600... i'd like to avoid that if i could.

failing that, if i were to buy a 141 size front standard, could i then use my technika boards? certainly a 141 to technika adaptor would be cheaper than replacing all of my boards!


13-Aug-2005, 20:50
Hi Scott,

I have the 141 Arca, and it is smaller and lighter. I think the Technika boards are about 96mm x 99mm, and may be too close in size to the Arca 110mm standard to make an adapter. But Arca may make an adapter to fit the Technika boards to the Arca 141mm standard. So, probably the better course of action would be to use the 141 front and rear standards and bellows, and then buy an adapter to use your Technika lensboards.

But first, check with Arca and verify that they do make a Technika to 141 adapter.

And yes, Arca does make the 110mm boards in the Metric version.

Scott Rosenberg
13-Aug-2005, 21:04
eric... thanks for the info. good to know that i can still have a geared front standard, whether it be the 141 or 110 size.

Scott Rosenberg
13-Aug-2005, 21:24
i just read where someone was using 110 arca swiss boards on a canham dlc... would anyone be able to cinfirm that the 110 Arca boards and the Canham boards are interchangable?


Scott Rosenberg
14-Aug-2005, 00:12
looking at the boards, the canham board is square, while the arca board has rounded corners. seemingly, the arca boards would work on a canham, however, i doubt if the reverse is true.

Bart Langenaken
14-Aug-2005, 02:28
Hi Scott,

Since two weeks I'm the owner of a Arca Swiss Metric Field 4x5". It has a frontstandard 110 and a misurabellows. The frontstandard is metric. You can't use Linhoflensboards because there is only a few milimeters space free. No place for an adaptionlensboard. I discused this with AS at the factory in Besancon France. If you replace your bellows consider a Misura bellows. It's a bellows for the backstandard 141 to a frontstandard 110. Total lenght is +/- 42 cm. I can use my Schneider 47XL and my Schneider 400 Compact with the same bellows. This bellows is made of leather and very soft and movable. If you like I can send some pictures.


Scott Rosenberg
14-Aug-2005, 02:37
hi bart...

my preferred configuration would be:
141 Metric Rear Format Frame
6x9 Metric Front Format Frame
Misura Bellows

very similar to your camera, though i use a telescoping not folding rail. do you have the part number for your Misura bellows?

i read in an earlier thread by emanual bigler that sk grimes was able to fashion some part that allowed the use of technika boards with the arca 110 front end. i just emailed them and will post their response back here. certainly that would be cheaper for me than to replace 8 lens boards at $60 per.

some pics of your camera would be great, if it's not too much trouble. my email is scott@srosenberg.com

evan clarke
14-Aug-2005, 09:01
Hi Scott,
The problem with changing 2 standards and getting a new bellows is that it will take a long time and you could buy a new F metric for the price of the parts. The 141 can take an adapter to the Technika boards and the 141 bellows is the best one they have ever done. Very soft, pliable and allows a great range of focal lengths...EC

george jiri loun
14-Aug-2005, 09:30
I have home made an adapter to use Wista (Linhof) lens boards on my 6x9 Arca Swiss lens board. Some work to do but it works.

Scott Rosenberg
14-Aug-2005, 14:54

i thought about simply buying a new camera and selling mine, but i prefer the telescoping rail to the collapasible one. i will hopefully be able to sell my two metric format frames and bellows to help pay for the new parts.

could you provide details on the adaptor you came up with? either on the forum or to scott@srosenberg.com?

thanks, all,

Bart Langenaken
14-Aug-2005, 17:04
Hi Scott,

I bought it with the telescopic rail not the folding version.


Scott Rosenberg
14-Aug-2005, 21:00
bart, glad to know they come that way... i was told otherwise!

does anyone know the part number for the bellows that comes with the misura? in the arca catalog (http://precisioncameraworks.com/Media/Syst.pdf) i can find one that looks close:

071030 - Wide Angle Bellows, 6x9 - 4x5, Conical, 24cm leather

BUT, according to the specs, they only cover 35mm - 210mm, and i thought the misura bellows would work with a 300mm lens.


Ben Diss
15-Aug-2005, 07:59
Does anyone know if there is a brochure that covers the new line of Arca cameras? The one's pictured in Scott's link still shows the old product.


Scott Rosenberg
15-Aug-2005, 10:03
WRT my original question, for anyone interested, sk grimes can fashion an adaptor to use technika boards with the 110 front end. it will run $290.

Francis Verbeeck
18-Mar-2007, 10:11
Technika boards on Misura

When i go on a trip I take usualy my wooden Tachihara with me. so I have 8 lenses on smal Linhoff boards. for the sinar i use for those lenses an adaptor plate.

I would buy an Arca Swiss misura instantly but ! instaed off standardisation they desided to make an lens board that is slightly different than the Linhoff ones.

That there be no mistake I am not morning about buying seven new adapter plates for the lenses But then I have to remount my lenses every time I want too use them on an other camera! And that is out off the question.

So if they want to sell they cameras they have to adapt the Misura in such a way that we can easely swicht our lenses between all our camera's.

With the concept they will maybe sell more lens boards but les Camera's and that is a shame.:(

18-Mar-2007, 10:27
there is an adapter for using the Technika lens board on the 110mm AS frame. I got it from Ebay for about $60 if I remember well and I think it is AS original. Ask AS, they will tell you. Cheers!

18-Mar-2007, 10:32
Sorry Scott for mixing up your name... And yes, Francis, go and buy your Misura - with the 110mm Linhof adapter!

18-Mar-2007, 11:42
Just to add a detail - the adapter is very well done (in the true AS style) and not too much bigger than the Technika lensboard itself.