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14-Feb-2018, 12:36
I live in the Sedona area, so altitude (4500 feet and higher) and haze are sometimes a problem. As a result, I prefer to use UV filters with most of my lenses.

I have a 19" Goerz DAGOR (Serial # 140592), along with several Goerz RED DOT ARTARs. A couple of them have filter threads for lens filters, but they seem to be unusual sizes/diameters. As best as I can measure it, the DAGOR seems to have an 85mm (maybe 86mm) filter thread:


My 19" RED DOT ARTAR (Serial # 788838) seems to have a 58mm filter thread:


Since I am not sure about finding screw-in filters for these lenses, I was thinking about getting a 4x4 UV Lens Filter to use with all of them (I have a 4x4 lens filter holder). Looking around, I noticed 3 filters that I might use:

Tiffen 4x4 UV Haze 2A Filter
Formatt Hitech 4x4 UV-Haze 2B Filter
Schneider UV-410 Glass Filter

Has anybody tried these filters? If so, what is/was your experience with them? Good or bad? I only saw 1 review on B&H's website (about the Schneider filter) and the reviewer found that the filter created a lot of flare.

Alternatively, would I be better off just getting screw-in filters for these lenses?


Mark Sampson
14-Feb-2018, 13:04
I don't think that Goerz made their lenses to take modern screw-in filters. None that I've seen or used, anyway. The current mm system came about because that's what Japanese 35mm cameras used. When your lenses were designed, it was common to put a push-on adapter on the front of the lens,which held (with a retaining ring) unthreaded Series type filters. Those are sized by Roman numerals (For example a Series VII filter is about 54mm diameter). So some searching is in order if you want to use round glass filters. There are/were adapter rings to change a Series filter holder to MM sizes; I have a couple, but they were hard to find 20 years ago...
Flare can be controlled by a good lens hood/compendium.
There's not much difference between a 2A and 2B filter in practical use. Kodak published the specs for all their filters, but I've only used those filters in specific copying situations involving color film. Don't know how the Schneider filter compares.

15-Feb-2018, 07:47
Thanks Mark,

I will see about getting the 4x4 lens filter.