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12-Aug-2005, 17:18
There are times, like tomorrow morning, when I need to get my hands on some sheet film or 120 roll film and would rather not drive into Manhattan if it can be avoided. Unfortunately, I've had no success identifying a store in Queens that sells either. Does anyone know of a source, preferably in Jackson Heights or thereabouts? Also, is there a professional lab in the area? I use Coloredge on 21st in Manhattan, and I'm really pleased with their work, but there are times when driving there is not very convenient.

P.S. Yes, I know what this post sounds must read like to people who are hundreds of miles from the nearest source for sheet film, 120 film and a decent lab. I guess I'm spoiled, and showing it.

David A. Goldfarb
12-Aug-2005, 17:54
Overnight shipping from the B&H warehouse in Brooklyn is probably cheaper than parking in midtown.

Ben Diss
12-Aug-2005, 19:22
B&H has free parking on 34th although the bridge/tunnel tolls might cost more than shipping. Still, don't you have a fridge? Get a bunch and store it.


David A. Goldfarb
12-Aug-2005, 19:55
I take the train, myself.

Steven Barall
12-Aug-2005, 22:34
I remember fondly my days growing up in Queens and walking over to Spiratone...

ronald moravec
12-Aug-2005, 22:42
Unique Photo in Brooklyn. At least you need not cross water. Being from Chicago, I`m not sure of the safety of the neighborhood or if they are strictly mail order.

There is a Brooklyn Camera Exchange although it is not in Brooklyn anymore.

Both have web addresses.

13-Aug-2005, 12:36
Unique Photo is 40 miles away in New Jersey. At 18 miles, Brooklyn Camera Exchange is, relatively speaking, just down the street :)

I solved the problem by driving to Manhattan last night and picking up some film at my lab, which is open 'till 11:00 p.m. seven days a week. Still, it would be nice to find something closer.

14-Aug-2005, 08:04
Brooklyn Camera Exchange - did they change their business? They were on appointment only and they carried second hand stuff.

Abe Slamowitz
14-Aug-2005, 09:04
Try Austin Photo, 222 Merrick Road, Rockville Centre, right off Sunrise Hwy. Long Island. 516 536-3200

Bob Salomon
14-Aug-2005, 10:04
Ken Mar Camera, Neptune Camera, Koh's are some of the dealers in the Garden City area which isn't that far from you.

16-Aug-2005, 08:52
It's too bad that places like B+H don't offer local delivery like a lot of the art and office supply stores and barnes and noble do. If you order from a mile a way, it comes UPS or fedex.