View Full Version : seneca whole plate

12-Feb-2018, 05:33
does anyone have a Seneca whole plate camera ? and if so what film holders does it take ?
also will it accept a 8 x10 back?

David Karp
12-Feb-2018, 07:40
The Seneca takes Eastman holders. There is a 5x7 back for it, but I have never heard that an 8x10 is available.

karl french
12-Feb-2018, 07:43
Most Seneca whole plate cameras I see are plate cameras rather than film cameras. So the ground glass is situated for the thickness of glass plates in the holders rather than film. This is something that can be compensated for with shimming the ground glass. Eastman holders should fit, but I'm not 100% certain.

Whole Plate is smaller than 8x10, it's not gonna take an 8x10 back. If you want to shoot 8x10 & WP with the same camera (which I do), find an 8x10 camera and a WP reduction back.