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Hening Bettermann
12-Aug-2005, 14:05

I have good news to share: Linos will on request adjust (shim) an Apo Ronar for infinity. I was so thrilled that I forgot to ask the cost, but the charge for adjusting a lens to a shutter is 80,- EUR, and I exspect something in that range.

My source is Hr. Dieter Wenzel --Dieter.Wenzel-at-linos.de, who has authorized me to share this info. He is on holiday from the 20. august to the 13. september.

He says that the difference is visible in the periphery, wheras the central parts will be equally sharp at infinity and close-up with either adjustment.

We also discussed swapping shutters in general. He confirmed the impression which was my own bottomline from discussions on this forum, namely that lens spacing is absolutely critical for modern/wide-angle lenses, and less so for older/narrower lenses. His opinion is that swapping always implies a risk of de-adjustment, and should be done at the factory. Depending on lens type, they use shims of 0.1 mm or 0.01 mm thickness.

Former threads on this topic included:
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Good light! - Hening.

12-Aug-2005, 14:24
Hening, many thanks for the useful info!

Steve Hamley
12-Aug-2005, 20:15

An interesting and useful bit of information. Thanks for contributing.

However, I queston the 0.01mm shim. That's 0.0004 or 4 ten thousandths of an inch. If I needed 0.15mm than I'd need six shims; one 0.1 and five 0.01.I've never seen a lens with more than one shim.


Hening Bettermann
13-Aug-2005, 11:44
Hi Steve,

It looks like I have probably distortet something. Probably he said something like "to a precision level of 1/10 or 1/100 mm" ("auf 1/10 oder 1/100 mm genau"). This says nothing about the thickness of the shims. So for an adjustment of 0.15 mm, one shim of exactly this thickness could be used.

Good light anyway - Hening.

13-Aug-2005, 13:06
You are right Henning, it is easy to make an exactly thick shim. It is an important message that you posted - it gives a new life to Ronars!