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10-Feb-2018, 19:39
Hi everyone,

I've been away from LF photography for about a decade, but am getting back into the groove now. It's good to be back in the game, but of course now it's back to all of the pains that come with LF work. Anyway, I picked up a bunch of film holders, and most of them seem to be doing pretty well. But I've got a few leaks here and there, and some are hard to diagnose. Any ideas about the leak in the attached image? Check the sharp leak in the lower left corner. I'm thinking maybe this is coming from the film back/a slightly unseated holder?? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I need to track down and take care of all leakers asap!

Thanks in advance for any help!!



22-Mar-2018, 22:23
Not knowing what brand/type of holder, it might be (in my very inexperienced state) a warped film holder. ie, light leak where the holder contacts the back?

22-Mar-2018, 22:48
I can think or two possibilities; 1) the film got fogged/struck with light while out of the film holder. The fogging is on the rebate -- the rebate is covered by the rail that keeps the film in place in the holder and normally the film under the rail does not get fogged in-camera or in-holder (except in massive light leak cases).


2) Some light snuck in through the light trap while the darkslide was removed to expose the film -- but the negative does not show the usual pattern for this. Good luck!

Doremus Scudder
23-Mar-2018, 03:41
... or look for a crack/separation in the two halves of the filmholder in the appropriate position. I've had a few like that that I repaired with MarineTex.



Jerry Bodine
23-Mar-2018, 09:31
I tend to agree with Doremus. Also, not related to leak (I think), I noticed the aspect ratio of your image is much closer to 5x7 rather than 4x5 per your title. I also noticed there are "grip" marks in each of the four corners, which leads me to ask what developing equipment are you using, since dev tanks can also have cracks.