View Full Version : PRINT LARGER THAN 30X40"

Jeff Liao
5-Dec-1999, 21:32
What is the way you do your print larger than 30x40"? (color and b/w)?. by large trays or very experience auto printer?

Dave Anton
5-Dec-1999, 22:18
You would use either a floor or wall projection for the enlarger (depending if the head rotates. In terms of processing, instead of trays, I have built development troughs wide enough for my paper and with the help of another person, we dip (rolling) the paper through the chemistry. You have to test a few peices in order to get the development even.

...or scan the negative and use a lightjet 5000.

Rob Tucher
6-Dec-1999, 11:47
I use plant pot trays. They are plastic and available at garden stores and are meant to hold numerous potted plants in a row. You can get them fairly long, one for each chemical, and dip your paper through. I dip paper through the chemistry while allowing a length of PVC to roll on top of the paper to keep it from crimping and to keep it submerged easily. Washing can be accomplished in the tray sink of a darkroom or in a bath tub.