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10-Feb-2018, 13:35
Hello, friends of photography!

My job has me traveling by air weekly. I am always on the road, it seems! Because of this, most of my shooting happens in cities where I work. I知 forever streamlining traveling with my film supplies. My pentax 67ii fits perfectly in a case with some film, one lens, and my extension tubes. I知 currently shopping pelican cases to bring my 4x5 camera with me instead.

However, I started shooting wetplate at the start of this year and because I travel so much, I致e not been able to shoot nearly as much as I would like to. So I致e been pondering on if I could shoot wetplate
On the road! There are some cool portable darkroom setups that I could go with to give myself a work place but the chemistry is whats got me concerned.

Obviously there is no TSA regulation specifically on wet plate chemistry. I知 not sure if checking bottles of chemistry would be a good idea, but to carry it on would mean I知 limited to 3oz bottles that all fit in a quart sized ziploc bag. That痴 assuming they値l allow the chemicals anyway.

I was wondering if anyone had ever attempted this, and what they found. I could try shipping the chemistry to my hotels but I知 sure that would be a lot more expensive than just bringing it with me.

Thank you, all!

10-Feb-2018, 13:57
The ether in collodion is highly flammable, and I would not want to be on a flight with it... It can blow up under the right conditions, and big trouble if it just leaked...

Bring film...

Steve K

10-Feb-2018, 17:14
No way you are getting on a plane with any of the wet plate chemicals. Your best bet is to mail your chems to your location in advance or just drive.

10-Feb-2018, 18:41
I seriously doubt you'd be allowed to take Ether on a plane. Or Silver Nitrate for that matter.

Mark Sawyer
10-Feb-2018, 20:48
That brings up another question...

I want to shoot wet plates on a commercial flight, in the air. Does anyone know if I can use magnesium flash powder?


Jim Graves
11-Feb-2018, 00:54
You can ... but only once.

Roger Thoms
11-Feb-2018, 01:14
And you'd become the infamous Flash bomber.


18-Feb-2018, 02:47
At the security screening, they will make you throw it away... unless you want to drink it there... Maybe the Everclear.

Randy Moe
18-Feb-2018, 06:32
If you like to fly or really need to fly, don't do it.

It's illegal in any size bottle. Sneaking shit on airplanes is a very bad idea for everybody.

Most likely you are already on a list after posting this.

Good luck! To us...

18-Feb-2018, 16:57
Sneaking shit on airplanes is a very bad idea for everybody.