View Full Version : Historic paper--Luminos Charcoal R Fiber Base

Raymond Bleesz
8-Feb-2018, 09:59
I have used the Luminous papers long ago, 11x14 & 16 x20---using colored pencils to enhance the print as intended. I have an unopened box which is still good.

Luminos is no longer made (UK I believe), last imported perhaps in the 1980's. 1. What is the history of this paper, its characteristics, who historically might have used in as a primary paper, etc etc etc. 2. Is there a paper in today's market which has the same ability as Luminos?

I am writing a paper on such and would provide any insight, info regarding Luminos.

Thank you

Drew Wiley
8-Feb-2018, 12:24
It's been a long time, but I vaguely recall it was a somewhat thicker slightly textured "art " paper. The current Ilford Multigrade Art might be similar, except for it's VC characteristic.

bob carnie
8-Feb-2018, 12:31
I think I would agree with Drew.. the Art 300 paper is very thick and does have a pebbled texture that would take painting or coloured pencils.. I really like this paper as a lith paper using LD20.

David Karp
8-Feb-2018, 13:29
I don't know about this particular paper, but I believe that the more standard graded glossy and VC fiber papers were made by Kentmere. Perhaps the Charcoal paper was also made by Kentmere.

Drew Wiley
8-Feb-2018, 20:24
I doubt I have any remaining examples of it. I never used it for personal work, but only per requested "look" on certain portrait jobs. It had a fairly neutral black.