View Full Version : Using Jobo 2500 Tank on an Ilford spindle motor base

4-Feb-2018, 11:05
I'm shopping for a new motor base, because the base for the communal university dark room I frequent was recently stolen. The cheapest one I've seen around is the Ilford motor base with two very narrow rollers, pictured here: 174377

This model appears very unlike the Cibachrome, or the Beseler type block that is frequently recommended for Jobo drums around here. Has anyone used a Jobo 3010 or Jobo 2500 series tank with these? Unfortunately shipping to Canada for this thing more than doubles the price; I want to be sure I'm not getting an incompatible model.

4-Feb-2018, 16:50
Consider a Unicolor Uniroller motorized base. I find them to be a lot, lot more common and thus easier found. The very first ones do not have a ground in their plug, so I'd replace the cord with one that has a ground.

Fred L
4-Feb-2018, 18:45
or a Simma roller base. It's unidirectional so you'll need to flip the tank around if you want to rotate the other direction. Also, iirc, one wheel is offset or eccentric, so it introduces a wobble which I presume is help spread the chemistry. Have used it for 4x5 and 8x10 with no issues at all.

5-Feb-2018, 00:03
Due to the size of the local and national market here in Canada, I cannot find either of those products here for less than the roller base I posted here, even after the shipping.

Iím looking to see if perhaps someone has tried this combination and found that it works before I make a 70$ mistake. Iíve consulted the old threads on this topic and none of them reference the model I am referencing.

Fred L
5-Feb-2018, 09:50
where are u in Canada ? if near a big city, try and checkout camera shows. or scour Kijiji. They're out there. while I have no experience with the Ilford roller, I can say that the Simma base works very well although it may not work great with some Jobo tanks combos.

5-Feb-2018, 18:41
i have 2 roller bases here in Montreal I'm not using, but unfortunately I don't think either would be good for you. The unidirectional Ilford turns too fast for even film development (in my experience, with X-ray film) and can't be dialed down, and my more desirable Beseler just won't run. I tried fixing it today by changing the capacitor, but it appears the motor itself is toast. The replacement motors I saw at Addison were too slow (3.5 RPM or something) and DC, so a re-wire with a power supply and a different reversing switch would be required. I don't mind parting with either as I have a Jobo CPsomething upstairs somewhere that I bought from Ginette and I recently got an Expert tank for it, I just don't think they're right for you.

I was considering modifying one or the other for my own needs with a stepper motor, a couple of gears and a belt, and an Arduino controller. However, the conversion will cost more than a replacement motor base, and it's really just an excuse to learn the Arduino system prior to taking on bigger projects.

Phil Hudson
6-Feb-2018, 10:59
Would the oversize lid flange of the Jobo 2500 cause it to sit up at the lid end? Ilford drums are identical height both ends IIRC.

8-Feb-2018, 15:24

I've thought about this. The old Beseler motor base that was in our communal dark room caused the same issue. I've made a small foam girdle for the tank in order to allow it to spin on a level axis.