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1-Feb-2018, 09:52

I got a lot of camera stuff from a repair shop closing down. Among these there where 3 big sorting boxes with spare parts for Sinar Cameras.

As I remember there once was a spare parts list somewhere on the web. I would like to find out for which cameras these parts are. Looks like P or P2 to me but I am not shure. They where teribly mixed up so I only have a few numbers that might be incorrect.

Maybe someone knows where the parts list is on the web or you can look at the photos.
There are many more parts this is just a bit. But I guess they might all belong to the same series.

Thanks for your help.

Bernice Loui
1-Feb-2018, 10:24
Sinar P rack and pinion gears.

For sale or?


Paul Ron
1-Feb-2018, 10:50
with all those spare parts, you may be able to assemble a few new cameras.

nice score!


3-Feb-2018, 02:42
After more research I agree, these look like parts mostly for the P. Most of the aluminium scales are silver only a few black ones. I guess thats the difference between P and P2. I have only seen black P2.
Looks like typical wear an tear spare parts. Unfortunatly not enough to build a whole camera. That would be a nice puzzle for boring winter days....

I guess I will sell them on ebay. Might be interesting for repairing some nice old cameras. Nylon gears do wear out. Didnt know sinar doesnt have metal gears.
I read somewhere Sinar cant supply any p and p2 part anymore.

Still looking for a Sinar spare parts list.

Paul Ron
3-Feb-2018, 16:56
as a DIYer, many of those parts can be used in home made cameras.

Andy Eads
5-Feb-2018, 10:35
I think some of the parts around the blades are for the older Norma shutter.

11-Feb-2018, 09:40
Yes, I do think as well that some are for Sinar Norma. I guess the old Sinar Logo was used for the Norma. The gear things must belong to some mechanical Sinar shutter. There was this big Copal Sinar shutter.

And the black Label must be for the P2 or F2 as I researched.
These black "blade things" look like the Shutter blades from the digital Shutter. I remember they had a rotating mechanism.

So I guess they are from all types of Sinar cameras.
Someone has send me a copy of the p manual so its a lot clearer to me now.

Peter Mounier
24-May-2018, 07:08
A list of parts for the Sinar P, and exploding diagrams ...