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1-Feb-2018, 01:24
Hi everyone,

For some unknown to me reason, the focus nobs on both sides of my 4x5 Linhof Technika / I think it's V / started to move very tightly, almost impossible to rotate. Is there any control on how tight rotating should be, or may be I accidentally pressed or turned on some kind of focus lock? I have been using it for a few years now, it's always been slightly tight, especially at very close distances, but never had to apply a real effort to adjust the focus. I could not find anything for the focus lock in the manuals I have.

Thanks for your help and advice.


jose angel
1-Feb-2018, 03:19
My IV has a small locking lever close to the focus wheel at right (photographer`s position). Turn it to the left (rail side) and will be locked, to the right and the rail will be unlocked.
Not sure if the V has the same lever.

1-Feb-2018, 03:39
Thank you, this one?174308

jose angel
1-Feb-2018, 04:03
Right, it is the lever.

1-Feb-2018, 04:09
Nope, unfortunately that's not it. I carefully applied some oil on the focus rail and it's not stuck anymore, it's moving smoothly, but still too tight. I am wondering if there is any screw screw bolt or something else that would allow me to regulate the stiffness. Thanks for the idea though, It was a good spot to start with.

jose angel
1-Feb-2018, 04:23
I wonder about the use of your Technika. If it has`t been used lately, grease may be got aged, turned too dense, sticking the rails. Can you move the front standard freely over the rails? Is it also a bit sticky? The grease issue is quite common.
I assume the camera is right, no lose parts obstructing the rails or whatever. For sure you have visually inspected the camera.
Best thing you can do is sending it for CLA. Ask Bob for expert service.

1-Feb-2018, 04:37
it hasn't been used since the late November, but everything else works and moves as it should. I would send it, but there is none in my country and I need to work Feb. so I can't afford to ship it somewhere for a long period of time. Nothing's easy :)

jose angel
1-Feb-2018, 05:11
Well, thin oil make wonders. You can also try to clean the rails with cotton tips and thin oil or solvent. If you are handy, you can make it work fine.
Pro services know how and where to apply the right lubes, adjusting the parts for the right smoothness. They also can check if everything is working at 100%.

1-Feb-2018, 05:27
thanks, that's what I am doing right now and looks like it gets better and better. still not quite right, but, judging by the progress, it's old grease stuck here and there indeed. thanks again.