View Full Version : Finally LF gear for Underwater

Juergen Sattler
10-Aug-2005, 19:29
I always knew there had to be gear out there to take your LF camera on your next diving trip - for starters here is a lens for that:-) http://cgi.ebay.com/Sironar-Copal-1-5-6-100mm-Underwater-Camera-Lens-Water_W0QQitemZ7537785235QQcategoryZ30076QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

I am sure you can get the waterproof housing for your camera from the same seller!

Warren Weckesser
10-Aug-2005, 21:38
1-2-4-8-15-30-60-125-250-500... That must be the depth meter, but is it in meters or feet?

Hold on... "Made in Germany", so it must be meters. And I guess "B" means "Boat" (i.e. at the surface), but what is "T"?

Richard Ide
10-Aug-2005, 22:26

I would have expected "B" and "T" to be a means of adjusting pressure differential between bottom and top. Hopefully the cell spacing has been adjusted to compensate for the refractive index difference between water and air


Brian C. Miller
10-Aug-2005, 22:40
B is for Boat, and T is for Torpedo! I bet that the numbers indicate range to target.

This lens is for a submarine! I always wondered how they knew where they were underwater. This lens explains everything!

Tracy Storer
11-Aug-2005, 07:59
"T" would be for "tauchen" which is German for submerge, as is "Tauchen das U-Boot"

Donald Brewster
11-Aug-2005, 12:04
Give the seller a break, they're Texans after all . . . .

David G. Gagnon
17-Aug-2005, 14:00
I just noticed that a potential bidder had asked the seller a question regarding the lens. To save you from having to go to the auction, here's a copy and paste.........

Q: Have you tried the lens under water to test the shutter??? thanks, jay....

A: Hello, I have not tested anything. I did work the shutter at the counter when the seller was here, and it worked, but I didn't put it under water. I thought it is supposed to be inside the canister with the camera and would not get wet. Please let me know. Thanks, Ryan