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31-Jan-2018, 08:38
I'm new to 8x10 and realizing it is indeed a completely different game, even compare to 4x5!

Am I right to conclude this is caused by initial developer contact with the emulsion?
- I don't have the lift on my JOBO processor, and I'm using the print drum with the cup lid to develop films. There is a short time frame when the developer is poured inside the drum before I place it on the rollers and turn the processor on. Which would explain why the streak is on the long side.
(FOMA100, Rodinal 1+45, 9 min at 20C)

Or would you suggest some other causes? Thanks for your time guys.


31-Jan-2018, 11:14
With a development time of nine minutes, the differential would not be that great unless you let the tank sit on one end for a minute or longer before turning sideways for roller agitation. Also, notice that it feathers from top to bottom of the image. I haven't a clue what could cause this.

31-Jan-2018, 11:51
It doesn't look development related to me either. I'd lean towards something that happened during exposure. You could try tray development to exclude any Jobo-related causes.

31-Jan-2018, 15:34
Guys, thanks a lot! Great insight! I was thinking to reduce the ratio and do more extended development, but 9 minutes is indeed long enough time to smooth those initial 5 seconds. It must be a massive light leak then, I just don't know how could that happened. I'll doublecheck cameras fasteners.

Thanks again!!

31-Jan-2018, 16:47
My guess is flare/light leak inside the bellows - time to test the camera with a flashlight in the bellows in a darkened room. My wild guess is a light leak up on the front standard (poorly fitting lensboard or something).

What lens did you use -- you also may be running out of image circle up in the right corner.

Jerry Bodine
31-Jan-2018, 18:09
I'd vote for a light leak in camera. The upper right corner of the image suggests a leak at the left lower area of the camera. Possibly a warped film holder or a piece of debris between the holder and camera, preventing holder from seating properly. Since the streak appears to be getting denser as it gets closer to the dark corner it's likely to be related to the light leak. The definite straight edge of the streak may be caused by the light leaking in to be reflecting off the edge of on interior part of the camera. I'd start with the flashlight inside the bellows with a holder inserted.

1-Feb-2018, 01:59
Wouldn't a light leak cause white light streaks? I am not sure what has caused this problem, but alight leak seems less obvious to me.

1-Feb-2018, 03:39
Thank you very much, Vaughn! I'm indeed working with improvised lens board, but I checked it against the light. Seemed ok. Sunlight is much stronger though, so the problem may be that poor light seal.

The lens is Fujinon W 5.6 210mm - the cheapest alternative I could find that covers 8x10..

1-Feb-2018, 03:43
Thank you very much, Jerry! You may be right about that! It's the new Intrepid wooden camera, and I just noticed the metal parts that hold the stnadards sometimes interfeere with edges of the frame and bends the wood, creating cleavege! Thanks again! So much to learn!!

Simon B
1-Feb-2018, 05:37
I have the Intrepid 8x10 and haven't noticed similar issues in the small number of sheets I've processed, BUT in a bright scene like your shot it could be light bouncing around the unpainted insides of the wooden rear standard of the camera & reflecting off the inside front standard and back to the film plane. I had similar issues with the original Intrepid 4x5 until I painted the exposed inside plywood surfaces with matt black poster paint.

Oh, and for your drum developing, I recommend pre-soaking your Foma 100 (which is what i use) with water prior to adding dev. Gets rid of the anti-halation coating and enables more even development.

Enjoy your Intrepid - its a fun intro to 10x8 !


1-Feb-2018, 08:31
Thank you very much for your input, Simon! I did many studio shots and none of them have issues like this. But almost all my field shots do have some sort of light leakege. I also painted inner parts with a black permanent marker prior doing outside shots.

I find my negs quite contrasty but incredibly sharp and I've never noticed any problem regarding uneven processing - now that I can exclude this and regard my problem to light leakege.

I love the camera, even with the flows it has. Especially the fact it's so light!

Thanks again!

Jerry Bodine
1-Feb-2018, 09:03
Wouldn't a light leak cause white light streaks? I am not sure what has caused this problem, but alight leak seems less obvious to me.

You're right. I'm guilty of thinking negatively about this.

EDIT: But... if the intensity of the light leak is sufficient to cause solarization it could turn dark, very unlikely unless the sun was reflecting off something very shiny close to the camera (a camera part?). What are the odds?

1-Feb-2018, 09:18
Dark cloth or shutter release hanging in front of the lens perhaps?

1-Feb-2018, 09:55
Wouldn't a light leak cause white light streaks? I am not sure what has caused this problem, but alight leak seems less obvious to me.


1-Feb-2018, 09:57
I'm inclined to think this may be an emulsion coating error. Perhaps one nozzle was temporarily clogged and cleared itself as it was spraying.

Jerry Bodine
1-Feb-2018, 10:26
I don't use Jobo equipment, but I'm curious about your comment regarding using a "print drum" and I have to ask whether the image you posted is a scan of a print or a scan of the negative. Either way it could be a scanner issue.

1-Feb-2018, 15:43
Developer contact can leave a mark such as this. Did you use a pre-wet bath? I use a pre-wet to avoid such marks.

1-Feb-2018, 16:01

You might order a bit of this for the black inside the camera. Works well.