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31-Jan-2018, 04:09
Somewhere recently I read about Ansco 130 paper developer giving deep blacks similar to Amidol with perhaps even a blue cast. So I had to try it out for myself and purchased the PF 130 paper developer which matches other formulas.
You can read my full experiment here if interested http://www.searing.photography/pf-130-paper-developer-review/

But here is the short version:

Dried prints scanned side by side with only sharpening in Lightroom.The slight bluriness of left image seems to be scanner focus issue.
Left - Ilford MGFB Warmtone , exposed 20 seconds #2 filter + 1/2 stop burn top and bottom, 2:00 in developer - good blacks, less contrast and a bit mushy in midtones - could have exposed longer or used #2.5 filter.
Right Ilford MGFB Classic , exposed 9 seconds #1.5 filter + 1/2 stop burn top and bottom, 1:30 in developer - great blacks and good contrast separation.

Comments welcome

Drew Wiley
31-Jan-2018, 13:53
I use both amidol and 130 glycin tweaks. They're quite different, and amidol doesn't work well with just any paper, but can deliver a true cold tone with some. MGWT can selectively deliver blue-blacks in shadow values if developed to completion then gold toned; the the light areas will want to split warmish.