View Full Version : Serial #s of Gold Dot Dagors

10-Aug-2005, 16:08
Here's a question that I haven't seen asked before. I'm aware of the Goerz serial # progression, the highest of which I am aware is ~84xxxx (until recently). The list that everyone has seen stops in 1955 at 79xxxx. Everyone knows the Schneider serial # history. But I've recently seen Gold Dot Dagors with 2M serial #s! What's the story? Were these made by Goerz, did Kollmorgan have a hand in this, were they finished by Schneider from inventory after the sale, or...

Arne Croell
11-Aug-2005, 08:19
I remember from a discussion somewhere (rec.photo?) that the 2M serial numbers can be found on the 14" single coated Dagors made for Schneider by Kern in Switzerland (the later MC version uses Schneiders numbering scheme). So the 2xxxxxx numbers are most likely the Kern-made Dagors, Trigors, and Artars.

Jim Galli
11-Aug-2005, 11:10
Yes, they are the Kern version. Beautiful glass those!

11-Aug-2005, 11:30
I can't say enough about my blue dot Trigor. Covers like a dagor and almost as sharp as an artar. Amazing little lens. But I can't seem to find much info on them. Mine is a 1m serial number. Was this a Kern-made lens? And can anyone elaborate on this wonderful little 14" piece of glass. All I can add is that I can vouch for it's performance. It covers my 8x20. As a matter of fact I'm going to use it for a couple of shots of a 8x20 vertical full length nude this evening just to see how well it does.

12-Aug-2005, 15:22
Oops... I've been off the boards for a long time and I got this site mixed-up with Pnet. Well anyway... what I'm referring to is an 8-1/4" Gold Dot Dagor that I'm expecting any day (beats children), and I've seen either a 9-1/2 or 10-3/4 (can't remember which) that had a 2M serial # also. The only Dagors that I'm aware of Kern producing were the 14". I've seen Gold Rims that were 8xxxxx, but I don't know the range of the Gold Dot series, and who made them (Goerze and who else).